No changes needed to WiFi safety code says Royal Society of Canada

The Royal Society of Canada released their review of Safety Code 6 today. Safety Code 6 are the Canadian safety guidelines that outline safe exposure levels to radio waves, like WiFi. The review of Safety Code 6 was requested by Health Canada.

Based on their review, the RSC does not feel that changes are needed to the already established health and safety guidelines to further protect Canadians. There has been no new, compelling evidence that convinces them that Canadians are at risk from Wifi signals.

This goes to show that, despite the claims of anti-wifi activists that WiFi is harmful, the scientists who are reviewing the actual science are still unconvinced by the research that there are health risks associated with WiFi.

The RSC review panel was made up of researchers from Simon Fraser University, Western University, the University of Toronto and University of Lethbridge.

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