WiFi moratorium has finally been lifted

After close to 3 years of endless debate, the moratorium on WiFi in Victoria schools has finally been lifted. In a 5-4 vote last night, SD61 trustees voted to lift the moratorium on WiFi in Victoria schools.

As I said in the comments for the newspaper article, I am very happy with the decision by the SD trustees to heed the advice of our public health officials and lift the wifi moratorium. So much time and energy has been spent debating an issue that is (at best) a fringe concern for the vast majority of parents. Perhaps we can now move forward and discuss the real issue that parents want to talk about, which is the role of technology in education and what kind of education system we want to have for our children that best prepares them to live in a world where (for good and bad) 24/7 ubiquitous access to the web is going to be their reality.

2 comments on “WiFi moratorium has finally been lifted
  1. wimvanaelst says:

    I was wondering if only comments in favor of wifi are being approved, or if the moderation process is just a bit slow ?

    • I’ve turned off comments. I can’t keep up with the endless barrage of comments. There are about 150 comments in moderation, the vast majority from 3 or 4 people. As you can see, I have let most have their say on this blog. But it is obvious it will never stop. This is a crazy making exercise and it has, indeed made me crazy. I have met my objective, which was to provide a balanced voice to what our local parents and school district officials have been hearing for the past 3 years. The decision to reinstate WiFi in schools signals the end of this for me. Objective met. The site will remain up, but I am turning off comments.