Parents group calls for end to school Wi-Fi ban

Article from the local Victoria paper the Times-Colonist on the results of the VCPAC meeting last night. I am quoted in the piece, which, I think, does a good job at accurately capturing the story.

The one thing I do want to note about the survey is that there were roughly 13,000 survey’s sent out with 2875 responses, making a response rate of just around 21%. I think that it needs to be pointed out that an issue people feel strongly and passionatley about – like wifi being a health hazard – will pull people to the polls. And on the anti-wifi side of the house, you will find passion and energy to burn. I don’t think I am wrong when I say that, for the vast majority of parents (close to 80% according to this vote), this is not an issue that occupies any of their time or thought. So, when we see reports interpreting the results as “1 in 5 parents have concerns over wifi“, we need to keep in mind that those who feel strongly and passionately about an issue, like anti-wifi advocates, will vote. For 80% of parents in this district, this is not an issue they care deeply about, and any interpretation of the results needs to account for that.