My letter to School District 61 school trustees

School District 61 in Victoria has a standing WiFi committee. If you are a parent in SD 61 looking for information on the safety of WiFi in schools and visit the committee website, you might be surprised to see how heavily one-sided the information about the safety of WiFi is. While there is a single (important) letter from Dr. Richard Stanwick of the Vancouver Island Health Authority with his opinion on the matter (WiFi poses no health risk), at the bottom of the page is a list of links submitted to the committee by Janis Hoffman which is clearly weighted to show that WiFi is a health risk.

To balance out that information, I sent an alternative list of links to the school district trustees last night and asked them to post this list alongside the list submitted by Ms. Hoffman. Here is the email I sent to the board.

My name is Clint Lalonde and I am the parent of 2 children in SD 61. I am also the founder of the website
For the past year, I have been following the issue of the safety of WiFi in schools, and have been increasingly dismayed at the strong level of influence a small group of anti-WiFi activists armed with questionable scientific evidence appears to be having on educational policy in our area.
In the coming weeks, parents in SD 61 will be asked by VCPAC to vote on the issue on whether they believe that WiFi is safe. When parents are asked to vote on this controversial issue, they will be looking for information to help them decide.

Recently, I went to the SD 61 WiFi committee website and was, quite frankly, appalled at the lack of credible information located there. Aside from a single, important letter from Dr. Richard Stanwick of VIHA that clearly states that WiFi poses no health risk, the information is heavily one sided and skewed to make it appear that there is an abundance of “research” that WiFi is unsafe. In fact, much of what is presented as “credible” information in the list of links presented by Janice Hoffman are opinion pieces and the views of a minority of the scientific community. Therefore, I would like to request that the School District please add a second set of links to the page that presents the mainstream view of the majority of public health officials on this matter. I have created a list and attached it to this email. I would like to request this list be added to SD 61 WiFi committee website as soon as possible.

I would also urge you, the trustees, to take a similar stance when it comes to the health of WiFi as other school districts around the province have. That is, take your lead on the health risks of WiFi from our public health bodies, the people who have the mandate and the expertise to critically evaluate the large body of scientific evidence on this matter, and not activists.

Thank you.